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In 2015, Premier Li Keqiang’s report on the government’s work put forward: Promoting mass entrepreneurship and innovation, “can not only expand employment, increase residents’ income, but also promote the vertical flow of society and fairness and justice”. When discussing the entrepreneurial innovation culture, it emphasizes “letting people achieve spiritual pursuit and their own value in the process of creating wealth”
Pain points common in traditional industries

What is the U group?

U-U is an innovative business platform that combines Internet + Internet.
The platform creatively combines the circulation of products and services industries (such as catering, entertainment, clubs, tourism, finance, construction, etc.) with e-commerce.
Tracked by Suning Tesco warehousing and distribution and Ma Yun rookie project.
Using the concept of Internet + and the O2O operating model to create the first platform for China's industry supply chain ecosystem services.
The platform takes the consumption of 200 to 200 (seconds)as the core, and builds a service platform from the upstream supply chain to the consumer.

I double give (Second to)
(1) Presenting the equivalent of expensive drinks
Free replacement of drinks at the U-GROUP online winery, or free offline at the hotel or U-GROUP Operations Center
 (2) Present the equivalent TAO MAIL online shopping voucher
You can redeem thousands of items such as daily necessities, clothing, and digital at the TAO MAIL (Suning warehouse distribution) online. You only need to pay a small amount of cash, how much to pay?
You can redeem the expensive wine online at the winery, or you can get it online at the hotel or at the U-GROUP operation center. (You can get it all at once)
Can be online, hotel, hotel, KTV, beauty, 4s shop and other member businesses normal consumption (can be consumed once)

Online recharge, Charge 10,000 to 30,000
(Unlimited amount of seconds to charge)

You can replace thousands of items such as daily necessities, clothing, home improvement, and digital on the TAO MAIL [Suning warehouse distribution] for free. You only need a small amount of cash, and how much to pay (can be replaced once)

You can shop directly at TAO MAIL (Suning warehouse distribution), and consumers only need to pay a small amount of cash and how much to pay.

 · SUNING warehousing direct delivery · SUNING billing, packing · SUNING personnel delivered to your door · Ma Yun's rookie project tracking

What is TAO MAIL (Suning warehouse distribution)?
"U GROUP" compared with "Some group"
NO. U GROUP Some group
(1) Platform commission (business) 16% 15~25%
(2) Subsidized businesses Subsidize 16% of expensive drinks or 16% of Tao Mall shopping vouchers No
(3) The merchant settlement period Second seconds to 40 days
(4) Recommend consumers Recommend the recharged consumers to the member merchants to consume, so that the business of the settled merchants is hot Recommend consumers to merchants to consume
(5) Whether the consumer is profitable Double gift after normal consumption Almost none
(6) Agents 3.5% (net profit) of each member's daily turnover, annual income, lie down to make money Low profit
(7) Business personnel (ground push) Develop 0.1~0.5% of the daily turnover of the settled merchants (decision of the agent), monthly income of 100,000 Unknown
(8) Business staff (waiters, repairers, beauticians, etc.) Recommend consumers to spend 0.5% after U GROUP platform consumption, monthly income over 10,000 No
(9) Platform valuation Pending valuation 50 billion yuan
(10) Join the threshold Low threshold High threshold
(11) Can join Is hiring the original partner Market saturation does not need to join
Some merchants settled in
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